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Activate Collective Possibility
September 13-14, 2024
Ashland, Oregon
RegenAI Summit

We are bringing together changemakers committed to regenerating our planet & developers intent on activating AI for good.

Imagine a world where the greatest technology on the planet helps us with the deepest challenges of our communities.

The ReGenAI Summit envisions a future where we grow people and systems that are in alignment with nature.

We invite you to this intimate gathering where we will harness AI's emerging potential and our shared wisdom to nurture a world that works for all.

With a regional focus, we'll cultivate planetary transformation in three realms:

Ecological Systems: How to direct AI towards ecosystem restoration, soil regeneration, and biodiversity preservation.
Human Systems: From sustainable cities to collaborative governance, let's find new ways of organizing for collective benefit.
Individual Well-Being: Discover and demonstrate how AI can support personal purpose, mental and physical resilience, and the cultivation of a regenerative mindset.

Featured collaborators

Brittan Heller

Brittan Heller

Brittan is a teaching fellow at Stanford University Law School, a former AI and Tech Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Carr Center for Human Rights, and a member of the World Economic Forum's Metaverse Governance initiative.

Marilyn King

Marilyn King

A two-time Olympian in the Pentathlon, Marilyn is an internationally respected pioneer in the field of exceptional human performance. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to inner city youth and as the founder of The Olympian Peace Team she has spoken twice at the United Nations.

Jay Golden

Jay Golden

Founder and Chief Storyteller at Retellable. Jay teaches CEOs in tech, travel and food sectors to catalyze authentic stories that change the world. Jay is the author of Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose.

Thor Muller

Thor Muller

Lead Entrepreneur-in-Residence and AI Strategist at Mach49, a global venture studio. Previously chief digital officer of Zola Electric, bringing renewable energy to the Global South, and founder of Get Satisfaction. NYTimes best-selling co-author of Get Lucky: How to Put Planned Serendipity to Work for You and Your Business.

Aaron Moffatt

Aaron Moffatt

CTO of Immersion Analytics and Director of the nature documentary, Klamath. Bringing together real world data, AI and mixed reality to drive insights and smarter decisions. He was also the Interim Director of Scienceworks through 2002.

Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram

Ian leads AI initiatives at Southern Oregon University, and is the founder of the AI consulting firm Neuraven utilizing his background as an aircraft inspector and Marine Corps aviation program manager to help organizations leverage AI in mission-critical operations.

Nisha Burton

Nisha Burton

Nisha is an award-winning filmmaker, XR specialist, and brand strategist. She founded and led a VR/AR creative agency, producing films showcased at Cannes and consulting for brands like Nike and Apple. Nisha's documentaries highlight BIPOC experiences in Oregon, and she has taught at universities worldwide.

Adam Curry

Adam Curry

Sr. VP of Software & Data at Bluon–AI for managing building environments–and the Director at Entangled Labs, conducting frontier consciousness research.

Paul Hynek

Paul Hynek

Wharton MBA, professor of finance and cryptocurrency at Pepperdine, worked on Avatar and Lord of the Rings and sold company to James Cameron, grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation, frequent speaker on digital intelligence.

Aurora Quinn

Aurora Quinn

Aurora Quinn is a queer-identifying storyteller, dancer, and multimedia artist. Her immersive theater experience, The Initiation, premiered at the Oregon Fringe Festival. Aurora dances with Tandem Contemporary Dance Collective and founded the Rogue Valley artist collective Songbird & Starling.

Amy Muller

Amy Muller

Amy Muller, a community strategist, is currently leads Customer Experience at Wikimedia Enterprise. Amy was the co-founder of Yes and Yes Yes, an event that brought over 400 creators, makers, and hackers together each year. As a co-founder of Get Satisfaction and head of customer care and community at Automatic Labs, she has pioneered strategies for bringing the human dimension into technology.

Why Attend RegenAI



Build relationships with changemakers collaborating on a regenerative future


Learn from Regen and AI catalysts following paths now opening with AI


Join with other creators to use AI to accelerate and illuminate new solutions
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Combining expert keynotes, hands-on workshops, play, real-world problem-solving, immersive theater, and music, we'll weave individual stories into a shared tapestry of vision, experience, and action.

  • Learn valuable insights and skills to enhance your understanding and application of AI technologies relative to problems worth solving.
  • Recognize each other's challenges and opportunities, build connections, and explore the hurdles standing in your way.
  • Finally, we'll blend our collective wisdom with generative AI to help set you on the course to making your dream a part of the greater reality.

Along the way, we'll gather key insights from speakers and ignite our collective imagination and start living into a regenerative future.

Regeneration is the spirit of Ashland, Oregon

Ashland is at the heart of Oregon's Rogue Valley, the gateway to the Pacific Northwest. It is the midpoint between San Francisco and Portland, and also Los Angeles and Seattle. It's within a day's drive of some of the world's greatest tech and media epicenters, but far enough outside their spheres of influence to find a new perspective.

It's famous for its cultural treasures (its world-renowned Shakespeare Festival just one example), a destination for visual, musical and other performing artists. Yet it's the almost mystical qualities of its natural environment that have shaped the long tradition of indigenous and modern experimental approaches to living, working and creating together.


Immersion Pass


until July 31 ($495 thereafter)

Friday, September 13 - Sunday, September 15



  • Keynotes & workshops: AI impact in practice
  • RegenAI group quests: aligning story & pragmatic interventions
  • A curated immersive art experience
  • Evening adventuring in Downtown Ashland


  • Farewell coffee
  • Sunday self-organized integration & exploration in Southern Oregon's natural gems

Program details subject to change.

With a cap of 125 attendees, we are intentionally weaving this event in an intimate container in order to encourage active participation from attendees, ensure all participants have opportunities to be seen and heard, allow meaningful relationships to form between committed agents of change, mediate effective problem-solving and sense-making as one collective body, optimize for depth over breadth. We are inviting people we know will benefit deeply from and add to this community experience.

Supplemental Experiences

RAG Workshop

International AI RAG Workshop

Modular Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Offline LLMs

This technical AI workshop is stewarded by our friends at SOU, offered free thanks to a generous grant. It is limited to 30 spots, and includes lunch. Travel scholarships are available.

September 13th, 2024 | 9am - 12pm
Location: 5 minutes away on the Beautiful Southern Oregon University (SOU) campus

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RVAI brings together Southern Oregon's AI practitioners, researchers, and students, holding regular open forums and facilitating hands-on experimentation. Its particular focus is making world-class AI tools and methods accessible for regional communities.

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“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
– Alan Kay
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